Korg announces new smaller, cheaper version of their ARP2600 remake

Korg has announced a new, smaller version of their coveted ARP2600 semi-modular synth remake. The ARP2600M has all the same features of their first remake that was announced last January and is 60% the size of the original remodel. The spring reverb and the internal circuitry have been adjusted to fit the new casing. 

The new M version also uses 3.5mm patch cables instead of full-size quarter-inch ports. Round back there’s a stereo jack output, MIDI DIN in and out, USB A input for a controller keyboard and USB B out to connect to a computer or other device. The original remake cost $3,995 and sold out almost instantly on pre-order so has proven tough to get hold of. There’s no word yet on what the pre-order status for the smaller, desktop version is, although given its cheaper price tag and the legendary status of the original ARP unit, expect this one to be popular.

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