Autechre have remixed SOPHIE’s ‘BIPP’

Autechre have remixed SOPHIE’s ‘BIPP’

Pioneering electronic music duo Autechre have remixed SOPHIE’s 2015 single ‘BIPP’.

Their version is murkier, turning the glossy original track, which is marked by its high-pitched vocals and synths, into a tauter sounding production with echoing reverb.

To accompany the release, the track’s original pale blue and pink slide artwork on a white background has also been modified to an orange and green slide on a black background.

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Glaswegian artist SOPHIE has previously spoken of her admiration for the Greater Manchester-hailing innovators.

In her 2018 Crack cover feature, she said: “Autechre, particularly, have been my heroes for a very long time. There’s something so fundamentally human about their music, and the way that it’s just describing a material world. It’s almost like you’re sticking your hand into a goopy material.

“Everyone can have some experience of that, it’s a very human thing. You’re literally just responding to materials and emotions through sound. So I don’t think there’s anything geeky about that – it’s really the framing of it that’s made it this exclusive thing.”

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Last October Autechre released their fourteenth studio album ‘Sign’ via Warp Records.

‘BIPP’ (Autechre Mx) is out now via Numbers.

Listen below.

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