VONDA7 wants you to ‘Let Go’ as she unveils details of new album

VONDA7 wants you to 'Let Go' as she unveils details of new album

VONDA7 this week revealed details of a ten-track album ‘Let Go’.

It will be released via art | werk on February 1 2021.

VONDA7 has been drip-feeding new tracks from the album since last year; many of her 2020 releases, including ‘Peace Transition’, ‘Change of Heart’, and ‘Start Over’, will be included on ‘Let Go’ with tweaks and slight reworks.

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As a cohesive project, ‘Let Go’ is uplifting. Centred around VONDA7’s own sung lines, it brightens up her airy productions, lending a certain optimism to the album as a whole.

Listen to recent single ‘Start Over’ below, and preorder the album here.

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