Palestinian artist Muqata’a to release new album ‘Kamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص’

Palestinian artist Muqata'a to release new album 'Kamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص'

Palestinian producer Muqata’a will release his fifth studio album ‘Kamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص’ on February 5 via Simone Trabucchi’s Hundebiss Records.

This is the Ramallah-based artist’s fifth studio album, and demonstrates a glitchy, abstract IDM sound.

Lead single ‘Dirasat ‘Ulya دِراسات عُليا’ is a weighty, thumping track that glitches in and out of breakbeats and heavy bass.

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‘Kamil Manqus’ means “whole imperfect” or “perfect imperfect” in Arabic, referencing Muqata’a’s way of working that incorporates mistakes into the fabric of his work. The concept for the album’s construction is Simya’, an ancient Arabic science of combining numbers and alphabets to communicate with the unseen.

Listen to ‘Dirasat ‘Ulya دِراسات عُليا’ below, and preorder the album here.

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