Badmixday announces details of sophomore album ‘Goya’

Badmixday announces details of sophomore album 'Goya'

Istanbul-based artist Badmixday has signed to Dome of Doom to release his upcoming sophomore album ‘Goya’.

‘Goya’ will be released on January 29 via a limited edition cassette release, as well as a wider digital release.

To accompany the announcement, he has released the lead album single ‘Easy The Kid Not Anymore’, a track that feels pulled in tightly across a range of elements. It has the only feature across Badmixday’s new album, with close friend, Turkish musician Rijekä sharing songwriting and performance duties.

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‘Goya’ as an album partly relates Badmixday’s experience of Sufism and being guided through it by his grandfather. The album title came about in a particularly serendipitous way. “I learned the name ‘Goya’ from a linguist I follow on social media”, Badmixday has commented. “It means: transporting suspension of disbelief that happens when a story is so realistic that it temporarily becomes reality. Goya tells my stories in every sense. This is actually in the names I associate with songs. They are all stories with Goya.”

Listen to ‘Easy The Kid Not Anymore’ below, and preorder the album here.

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