Mase Lala Angata, Fanta Koné MoBlack Records

Rendering Moblack Records, 416th imprint, Israeli duo Angata and Malian vocalist Fanta Koné dovetail tribal vocals and organic elements with innovative mechanic maneuvers to render a passport to lush landscapes. Unfurling restless infatuation through round-motion electronic groove, Angata and Fanta Koné recount their transcontinental sonic love affair through vibrant percussion and instinctive Kuduro rhythms. The Bwazan member’s fierce emotion-fueled lyrics lend sweeping gracefulness to ‘Mase Lala’ and when coddled in Angata’s vivid instrumentals, like the bracing presence of love of which it sings for, becomes a gentle and all welcome force to be reckoned with .
Angata’s quote: “this is a traditional song from Mali – the singer’s statement : ​i can’t sleep, when you are not around, my love. ​This collaboration with Fanta Kone is rare and unique.
Different people from distanced continents. Yet, the trust and the natural connections
between us, brought us together to create this track. A variety of tribal vocals, instruments and Kuduro rhythms wrapped in round-motion electronic groove.
Fanta Kone is a Malian singer and a member of the group Bwazan (the Children of Bwa) led by Bassidi Kone .The powerful singing of Fanta was recorded in Bamako (capital of Mali) by Angata, during master classes with Bassidi Kone, Kalifa Kone & petit Adama”

Words by Marie J Floro

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