Issam releases ‘Wjahna Deep’ from upcoming debut album

Issam releases 'Wjahna Deep' from upcoming debut album

Issam has released ‘Wjahna Deep’, his latest single taken from his forthcoming debut album ‘Crystal’.

‘Crystal’ is set to be released during the first quarter of 2021 on Island Def Jam France.

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‘Wjahna Deep’ is a personal track; Issam sings about a dark past and an unforeseeable future, the state of being aware and lost in a life transition.

‘Wjahna Deep’ follows on from Issam’s self-released track ‘Nike’ released earlier this year. Throughout his music, Issam blends autotuned vocals in Darija or Moroccan Arabic, classic trap beats and elements from traditional North African music.

Listen to ‘Wjahna Deep’ below.

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